How Should I Represent My Education on My Resume?
It is important to include your education on your resume, even if you have none.

Now, how did that statement even make sense?

Well, having no formal education doesn’t mean that you have never learned anything during your lifetime. There has to be something in your background that is relevant to the position you want. You just have to make it fit your resume.

Where Do I Put My Education?

Okay, the good thing about education is that it doesn’t have to go right at the top of your resume. So once you have knocked a potential employer’s socks off with your other qualifications, you can put your education (if you think it is lacking) a little lower down.

What if I Have No Education?

Everyone has some education. You might think you don’t, but I’m betting that you do.

What you need to do is really read the job description, research the company you are applying to, and then think about what you know that could be relevant. Sometimes, you have more education than you realize. For instance, let’s say that you are applying for a job in a construction company’s office. Did you take wood shop in high school? Put it on your resume. Looking for work as a clothing store manager? If you know how to sew, that could be relevant. Pet shop manager? Well, do you have a well-trained dog? Look at the experiences in your background, and structure them so that they fit. It’s ALL about fit.

Can I Get Anywhere Without an Education?

Bill Gates did. He dropped out of college. Now, I’m not saying that everyone is a potential Bill Gates, but you might be surprised at how many people I work with, every day, who think that because their formal education is lacking, they have nothing to offer. They are so wrong!

Make no mistake, having an education is a great thing. But it doesn’t make up for—or even necessarily go hand-in-hand with—innovation, creativity, and drive. You’ll find highly educated people living on the streets, and people like Bill Gates practically owning the world.


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