Company Overview
As the largest district within the Federal Reserve system, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco operates across sites close to home. But our impact literally transcends the four corners of the world. Take a closer look, and you’ll see that each of our employees brings with them different backgrounds and experiences. And yet, they uniquely share the drive to enhance our leadership. Not just within the world of economic and monetary policy—but within the communities where we do business. That’s what we call Living the Legacy. We encourage you to do the same.

The Federal Reserve Culture Different experiences. Different skill sets. Yet dedicated to the work, the sense of community, and the contributions to those around them. It’s a celebration of sharing that we call Living the Legacy. And it starts with our people. Dedicated employees whose backgrounds and talents unite into a single cause. After all, where else can Economic Research reside next to Communications & Visual Media? Or Building Engineering alongside Cash Services or Retail Payment Groups? And did we mention Bank Supervision and Librarian? We encourage development and education through in-house training programs, bank activities, and seminars. We rely on teamwork and open communication between all levels of management, and believe in giving employees a sense of ownership in our success by involving them at all levels in the decision making. We recognize individual talent and strive to make employees feel that their contributions make a difference. It’s a difference you see not only inside the Federal Reserve, but within each of the communities where our employees live. We give our employees all the resources to ensure a meaningful life outside of work. The fact that they use this time to assist our elderly neighbors, or to serve as a volunteer teacher — is further testament to Living the Legacy.
Company Summary
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Number of Employees
(415) 974-2000
(415) 393-1906
101 Market Street
San Francisco, CA